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Investment Management, Retirement Planning, Education Planning

New York, New Jersey, Long Island Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania

Investment Management

Building a strong financial base for your future requires a consistent, disciplined approach to saving and building a portfolio with the right kinds of investments, And the "right" investments will vary from one person to the next, depending on their goals for the future and the time frame for when they will need to access their assets.

John R. Monaco, CPA, has been helping clients successfully navigate the world of investing for over ten years. The emphasis is on managing your risk for every dollar of your return. No ethical financial expert can guarantee to make you money on your investments. But historical trends clearly indicate that it is possible to realize a steady return that can meet your financial objectives.

Retirement Planning

John Monaco can help you sort through your ideas for retirement and create a plan unique to you. For instance, younger workers will probably need a larger nest egg for retirement. Those who started saving for retirement later in life will need to carefully balance risk with potential return. Expert advice is critical, no matter when your expected retirement date is. Social Security was never intended to be the only source of income for retirees. Anyone who plans to live long enough to retire should begin saving for retirement as early as possible. Having a plan in place will help ensure you can make the most of your golden years. John is a 401k rollover specialist serving New York, New Jersey, Long Island Connecticut, Florida and Pennsylvania.

Education Planning

Whether you’re planning to fund your child’s college education or pursuing an advanced degree yourself, John Monaco can help you set a financial plan on getting there without compromising your progress in meeting other wealth management goals or your tax situation. By reviewing all possible funding options such as scholarships, student loan opportunities, college savings funds, company-funded tuition and more, he can help you create a plan to meet the expense of sending your child to college or attending additional college yourself.

Remember: Wealth management is not just for the wealthy. As a Certified Public Accountant, John Monaco helps clients at all income levels properly manage various aspects of their finances, from family risk management to investments, education planning and estate planning. Clients trust John with personalizing financial solutions geared to their particular life situation.

* These services are offered by John Monaco through his affiliation with Avantax.

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