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Family Risk Management

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No one expects a medical emergency, natural disaster, accident or loss of a breadwinner. But these events can present a huge setback to your family’s finances. Being properly insured can prevent such calamities form derailing your progress toward attaining your financial goals.

Insurance is an important element in any healthy financial picture. However, knowing what is necessary to protect your family and property can be difficult to determine, with so many options available. And many employers, unions and other organizations may provide insurance that may – or may not - offer adequate coverage.

John Monaco has been helping clients with their family risk management needs since 1991. From health and life insurance, disability and property insurance to long-term care coverage and more, he can help you review your current exposure and anticipate needs should the unexpected occur. Some types of coverages may have tax implications which, as a CPA, John can address as well.

Keep in mind that your insurance needs change over time, just as your life situations changes with marriage, children, age, home ownership and more. Regular reviews of your coverage needs are important to determine how best to protect your family and property – without buying unnecessary coverage or over-insuring your assets.

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