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Investment Management

Investment plans need to be based on may factors, including the client’s investment horizon, risk tolerance, goals and the effect of taxes. No ethical financial expert can guarantee to make you money on your investments. But historical trends clearly indicate that it is possible to realize a steady return that can pursue your financial objective.

Cash Flow/Debt Management

Managing cash flow well requires a realistic budget, good debt management and an understanding of how taxes affect the overall financial picture. Without this foundation, it will be difficult to achieve your long-term financial goals.

Family Risk Management

No one expects a medical emergency, accident, or loss of a breadwinner. But these events can be disastrous for a family’s finances. Being properly insured can prevent such calamities from derailing your financial progress

Retirement Planning

Life expectancies are rising, meaning younger workers will probably need a larger nest egg for retirement. Those who started saving for retirement later in life will need to carefully balance risk with potential return. Other variables, such as expected partial employment or likelihood of multiple income sources such as pensions, can greatly impact the amount you will need to retire. Expert advice is critical, no matter when you expected retirement date is.

Education Planning

Pursuing an undergraduate or advanced degree can be expensive, depending on the school and program. Thoughtful consideration of all the available scholarship options, student loan opportunities, college savings funds and more help defray the cost of attaining additional education or training.

Estate/Legacy Planning

Anyone with property, valuables or investment accounts should consider how they want to disperse estate contents prior to their passing. Proper legacy planning can help avoid the expense of probate, minimize the cost of transferring assets to heirs and inheritance taxes and ensure that the wishes of the departed are honored

Business Planning

Starting up or growing a business can be demanding for even season entrepreneurs. Most business owners can benefit from strategies that could improve their cash flow, tax situation, benefits and bottom line, while protecting their enterprise.

Special Situations Planning

Life can be full of both probable and unexpected surprises. A dream investment opportunity, a wedding, a new dependent, a natural disaster and more can make many of our plans suddenly insufficient for new demands. Having an investment advisor who knows how to leverage the best strategies for your unique life event is critical to weathering – and thriving – in the face of unforeseen events.

Tax Preparation

Federal, state and local tax codes can be confusing and are changing all the time. Anyone of any income can benefit from a knowledgeable tax expert who can help navigate their unique tax issues, from income tax filings to estimated payments and tax-deferred aspects of various investments.


Remember: Wealth management is not just for the wealthy. Having a plan that protects and maximizes the growth of your assets over time is the surest way to earn financial independence and peace of mind.

*These services are offered by John Monaco through his affiliation with Avantax.

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