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Estate/Legacy Planning

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Anyone with property, valuables or investment accounts should decide how they want to disperse their estate assets prior to their passing. Because it is an emotional issue, many people avoid this important exercise. But without discussing your preferences ahead of time, your family members will be in a difficult position of making decisions during an emotionally stressful period.

Proper legacy planning can help ensure that your final wishes are honored. You can also avoid having the courts divide your assets between members of your family and making different decisions than you would. Also, without a suitable plan, your family may be giving up a substantial portion of their inheritance to taxes, causing significant financial burden during an emotionally devastating time.

John Monaco can help you consider all the options that will potentially help your family avoid the expense of probate and minimize inheritance taxes and the cost of transferring assets to heirs. Along with Avantax, John Monaco works with accomplished estate attorney’s that can create a legacy plan that maximizes the amount of money going to your family, and a time when they will need it most.

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